BargInns is a social media marketplace designed to connect individuals towards influential experiences while offering a hub for online deals, coupons and business promotions. We will showcase an activity stream featuring various posts from users/influencers that can be viewed, shared or commented by their peers.

The BargInns platform will display both social interactions and available promotional coupons. Users will be able to view influencers who prefer a specific deal, visit online, recommend businesses or shares a promo.


We promote daily deals while allowing members access to a stream of social video/post shares of influential user experiences. Customers will have the capability to attain quality reviews of food and drink establishments, travel adventures, weekend vacations, leisure resorts, retail shops, theme parks and everything worth exploring.

Here you can follow popular deals, learn about new trending eats and stays or simply get educated about a potential vacation deal before you buy. BargInns provides an interactive platform to find the places you like, view experiences and get amazing deals. Influencers whom harness the platform more effectively will gain a higher influencer status, thereby gaining attention of businesses who are seeking local influencers to promote their business online. The influencer status serves as a competitive tool for influencers seeking online notoriety and income while businesses can search which influencers are of most value to utilize for online branding.


BargInns allows for businesses to share their online promotional campaigns to customers everywhere. We serve to promote the advertisement of hotels, motels, restaurants, bars, pubs, eateries, wineries, distilleries, retailers, clothiers, boutiques, grocers, entertainment services, museums, travel experiences, vacation packages, resorts, golf courses, bed and breakfast, theme parks, theaters, guided excursions, health and fitness services, spas, gyms and everything in between. Here a business small or large can harness the online branding capabilities of social media marketing and promotional discounting all in one. BargInns will become a primary social media platform designed specifically for social media and e-commerce collectively.